Pool Golf Rules

Welcome to the exciting world of Pool Golf (Polf), an innovative variation of pool played on 9-foot tables, where precision and strategy converge as players aim to pocket the three centered balls from a 15-ball rack in the fewest shots possible, challenging both amateurs and seasoned pros alike.

For singles play in Pool Golf, players meticulously record the number of shots it takes to successfully pocket the three centered balls, striving for the lowest score to showcase their precision and skill.

In versus matches, the competition heats up with three players each taking their turn, and the one who pockets the three centered balls in the fewest shots emerges as the triumphant victor.

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In the pool golf betting mode game, players select one of three chips face down, each corresponding to one of three centered 8 balls on the pool table. The goal is to pocket the ball linked to their chosen chip, with the first person to do so winning the game.

Players are allowed to target others' balls, but hitting a non-targeted ball counts as a foul, requiring the next shot to be taken from behind a designated line on the table, known as "out of the kitchen."

In Pool Golf, managing fouls is crucial: scratching adds 3 shots to your total for each incident, and hitting or not hitting, a non-targeted ball means your next shot is from the kitchen and 2 shots instead of one is added to your total. Crucially, if your shot count reaches 10, your turn concludes immediately, passing the opportunity to the next player to demonstrate their finesse and strategy.

Victorious players in Pool Golf VS, stand a chance to win Amazon gift cards, which are automatically assigned based on the match ID. Winners must confirm their identity with our assistant to claim their prize, enjoying the versatility and convenience of Amazon's vast marketplace, including the option to purchase a variety of other gift cards. In addition, please send a photo or social media post link, of you and your friends playing the game.

The pool balls of choice for tournaments and events, are the Aramith BLACK, SILVER & GOLD 8 BALLS and later a customized version, exclusively for polf.